Scribbles from our Travels: Day 1 – Singapore – Fremantle

By the time we load up our luggage and leave Perth International Airport, it’s about 4+pm. We check into our charming little accommodation at Mariner’s Cottage, Hampton Road at Fremantle, and set about making ourselves comfortable for the night, i.e. figuring out how to start the gas fire in the living room.

The pics below are of the garden of Mariner’s Cottage. The vines trailing down from the garden shed are real ones.

Another view of the garden.

A tree from the neighbour’s garden is heavy with what appears to be prunes, and some of them have fallen in the garden. Mum picks up one to taste, but it’s sour. Maybe not the right season… 😉


It’s winter in Australia now, and the sky turns dark by around 5:30pm. It feels like 8:30pm although we leave the cottage around 6pm to drive to the Esplanade for a fish & chips dinner.

The last time we were here two years ago, we ate at Cicerellos so this time round, we decide to try out Kailis.

Did you know that the standard fish used in regular fish & chips is shark meat? I didn’t until just recently, so while we order one standard for the adults, we also make sure to order a cobbler and another grilled fish to share with the kids. 🙂

Dinner is done by 7.30. We must have been hungrier than we thought. 😉 

We take a slow after-dinner stroll on the boardwalk while the kids test their grandparents’ heart rate by chasing seagulls up to the edges of the planks, eek!


On the way home, we stop by Coles to get groceries, and chance upon these boys’ camouflage and girls’ pink polka dot rain boots. They’re on sale for $6 a pair! 

What a find. 🙂

The ones I saw in Singapore retailed for S$26.90, much too expensive for something that would be just for occasional use! The last time we stayed on the farm, the kids got their shoes and socks, AND the hems of their jeans so muddy it was a right task to scrub, but these will thankfully redeem me from the tyranny of  muddy laundry. 😀


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