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In my world: Animals in the garden

yeah…I still haven’t gotten round to cleaning the crayon-ed spot… 😛


Sometimes in the middle of cleaning the rooms, I discover little gems left behind by the children. This Friday series was started with the intention of celebrating the imagination and creativity in a young child’s world…and hoping that it’ll bring a little ray of inspiration and joy to your day, as it does mine.

Preschooler Art: Study in Gi

Whimsical by DD.

Pencil sketching by DS.

Kids Say: AI YAA

DS gets a kick out of drawing on his sister’s drawing sheet, so we often find her work with some signature scrawls on the side by her brother. Often, she calls for our help to mediate, but this one afternoon –

DD: Di Di, no! Don’t…cannot!
DS: *screams*
DD: Hey! Don’t do that…you see…AI YAA! *clicking her tongue*

That last exclamation and expression was altogether intriguing. Enough to make me drop what I was doing and run immediately to the room.
And I arrived to see…


Upset that his sister managed to wrestle her sheet of paper away, DS had picked up a crayon in frustration and drawn over the carpet.

Ai yaa.

Now how am I going to clean that?

Wordcraft: I for Iguana

So lately, we’ve been listening to this clip from Youtube. It’s highly catchy, I can’t get the tune out of my head.

I’m an iguaa-naaaa
Down in Galapagos
I’m an iguaa-naaaa
Seaweed I li-ike the most

To make an iguana, you will need the following materials: Coloured paper in two different shades of green (would be great, but not compulsory), pencil, scissors, googly eyes, glue, artblock sheet, a few shades of green colour pencils.

1. On your green sheet of paper, draw an iguana. Cut out the iguana and set aside.

2. On the second sheet of green paper in a different shade, cut out some long and short spikes.

3. Apply glue and paste the iguana onto the artblock sheet. Paste on the googly eye.

4. Next, paste on the spikes.

5. Add little details like scales, with the green colour pencils.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, why no book this week…

I did find this book, Inch by Inch, written and illustrated by Leo Lionni at the local library.

Awarded a Caldecott Honor in 1960, it’s about a clever inchworm who inches his way out of danger and saves himself from being eaten by the birds.
There is potential to teach basic measurements in math, but we are still thinking how to do it, as DH is a tad worried about confusing the children with English vs. metric measurements. 

Anyway, while I do know an inchworm is not really a worm but is a type of caterpillar…does anyone know if an inchworm really is an inch long? I am curious to find out!

In my world: Cushion fort

When I was little, I would gather all the cushions off the sofa in the living room of my home, and build myself a fort under the staircase.

We don’t have a staircase now, but we do have a sofa…

and I can’t help but smile when I see history repeat itself in my children’s cushion fort, on the sofa, underneath the window. 🙂


Sometimes in the middle of cleaning the rooms, I discover little gems left behind by the children. This Friday series was started with the intention of celebrating the imagination and creativity in a young child’s world…and hoping that it’ll bring a little ray of inspiration and joy to your day, as it does mine.

Preschooler Art: Green Gruffalo

The other day, in a bid to get the kids to not dawdle over their dinner, I said they could get out the paints and do a little painting after dinner if they finished eating before the sky turned dark. DS asked DH to draw him a stegosaurus, while DD requested to paint a green gruffalo.

Somehow after dinner, they changed their minds about painting and just wanted to work with crayons.  DH drew the requested pictures and we left the kids to their colouring, while we finished our own dinner.

A little while later, DD came out to show us her masterpiece. I like!

Kids Say: Hold my hand

Last Sunday, after we finished running errands in City Hall, we returned to our car in the basement carpark of the building. As we started up the car to leave the carpark, we heard the following…

DD: I don’t like windows in the car.
DS: I also don’t like windows in the car.
DD: It’s okay Di Di. Hold my hand.
DS: Okay.

And the two of them held hands sweetly across their car seats, until we exited the dark of the basement, out into the bright afternoon sunlight. Whereaupon they grinned and made funny faces at me, when I turned around to snap a quick shot of their clasped hands, before the moment was lost.

Preschooler Art: Fishes, bubbles…and the random elephant

A busy and happy picture of DS’s favourites. 😀

I originally thought DH drew the elephant for him, but apparently no, he drew it himself. 🙂  (the flying fish with scales details at the bottom left is DH’s though for sure)

Wordcraft: H for House

Our inspiration for this week’s Wordcraft is another Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler classic, “The Gruffalo”.

In the story, a mouse comes across potential predators such as the fox, owl and snake, who each invite him into their underground house, treetop house and logpile house for “tea”. The mouse outsmarts them all by telling them he is meeting the Gruffalo, a big and frightening creature, for tea instead. When the mouse actually meets a Gruffalo, who also threatens to eat him up, he too finds a way to trick the Gruffalo into believing he is the scariest creature in the forest.

We love the charming story and clever rhyming.  And Axel Scheffler’s humorous illustrations. 🙂  

So we made our own underground, treetop and logpile H O U S E (s) too! This craft is best done, accompanied by a reading of the book, so visit your local library ahead to get a copy. 🙂

You will need the following materials: Blue, green and brown coloured paper, glue, scissors, ice-cream sticks. Optional – marker, crayons, stickers.

1. Cut out some leaves from the green paper. Cut out a small oval shape and a semicircular disc to make the underground house from the brown paper.

2. Originally, I had not planned to decorate the ice-cream sticks but DH suggested drawing wood grain patterns with a marker and colouring the stick with a brown crayon. It was a brilliant idea on his part, and we selected some different shades of brown to create some variation.

3. Paste on the brown semicircular disc for the fox’s underground house.
4. Paste on two ice-cream sticks, and the leaves to make the treetop house. Don’t forget to paste the brown oval.

5. Finally, paste on the logpile house. You can layer your “logs” for a more 3D effect.

6. Have the kids pick out the letters H O U S E and paste them onto the picture.

Deep fried decisions

Last weekend, we made a trip out to Ikea, reorganized wardrobe space, unpacked an Expedit 5×5 shelf’s worth of comics (DH’s!) and sorted through two box loads of document files.

Everyone crashed out for the afternoon till pretty late evening.

So what’s a tired mummy to do when she hasn’t done any meal preparation, and the kids are unwilling to get up?

I tried to rouse the two grouchy kiddos with not much success.

“Sweethearts, time to wake up. Yoo hoo…”

Bleah, if I didn’t have to be up and about to make dinner arrangements, I’d be burying my nose deeper in my pillow too, and we’d all just sit around and eat Rice Krispies and milk for dinner in our tee-shirts and shorts.

Okaaay…maybe not Rice Krispies.  😛


Half reluctantly, I pull out the last-resort card in my deck, and whisper in their ears, “Who wants chips for dinner?”

It was magic. Immediately, two tousled bedheads sat up and grinned broadly at me.

So. Against my regular fastidiousness for “healthy and balanced meals by the pyramid”, we drove out to get fish and chips for dinner.

While DS sang a new song he made up consisting of the lyrics, “Mummy, I like chips.”, and I relished the temporal high of being in the top popularity rankings for the day, textbook mother perched herself firmly on my right shoulder, with a fierce glare and proceeded to nag the unbalanced meal decision. “You’re going to give them, whaaaat? Deep fried processed potatoes AND deep fried frozen-packed fish??! Where are the veggies? Where’s the balance?  Where are your principles?”

Certainly, not one of the most stellar moments of my “purposeful motherhood” career.

But stuff it all, I want to take a break and eat chips too.  

I’ll live out the guilt another day. 😛  😀