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If you see what you like or like what you see, feel free to drop a little note to me.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you stop by often. 🙂

9 responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Debbie says :

    Wow! Its really a great blog. I enjoyed reading every article. And i as a young adult was so astonished to see what great parents your’ll are. It is very rare this days to find parents whom spends each seccond with their children as they are usually working till late hours and by then they are exhausted.

    Next time when i get married (hmm… will take a very long time for that to happen!), i know what types of games and outings i can prepare them for. And thumbs up for making healthy good food for your kids. What you is eat is what you are!(always hear that from my loving mother too!)

    Your darling kids will cherish such great and loving parents your’ll are for sure!

    I have many baby food recipes that are delghtfully scumptious and absolutely healthy. If you ever want to venture out just send me an e-mail!

  2. Lynn Ely says :

    I was visiting your site today and it occurred to me that my current Send A Mom A Smile campaign may be of interest to you. I would be so grateful if you would consider joining me in thanking 10,000 Moms by Mother’s Day, and letting them know, “You’re doing a great job, Mom!” You can take a look at the sweet little thank you video here:

    I’ve tried to make sharing the video as easy and convenient as possible, AND it includes a chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate to 100’s of Mom’s favorite stores, as well as other Free Mom-Gifts! The real point is to share the thank-you with as many moms as possible, and then for those who are interested, the free gifts are also available (but not required) here:

    If you are interested, any way you can help in sharing the “Send A Mom A Smile” link/video would be wonderful and so appreciated

    Thank you!!!
    Lynn Ely

  3. Wendy says :

    Hi, was reading your posts on Saga Seeds. May I know where you found them? Been looking around… thanks!

  4. Just Gigi says :

    I am loving your blog! I’m SO inpired by you. How awesome of your daughter to have a mom who won’t give up quality- and quantity-time…. Good for you and your family. Keep up the GREAT work you are doing!

  5. Kathleen Thomas says :

    Hi there,

    I have a question about your site, would you mind emailing me back @


  6. Marie Robertson says :

    I love your creation picture. I am looking for illustrations for a Christmas story (starting with creation) I want to be able to give away to our neighbourhood children during carol singing in our garden. May I use your picture?

  7. Elke says :

    Hi there, thank you for posting what you did about “Love crucified arose”. I love that song too and will be singing it in my church in October. I was wondering, do you think this song is “too Easter-y” to be singing any other time throughout the year? I feel like there is never a “wrong” time to praise Jesus for what He did for us, but I wanted to hear your opinion on it. Thanks.

  8. Elke says :

    I’m sorry, I do not remember signing up on this website. What pictures are you referring to?

  9. Elke says :

    Okay, sorry, obviously I did sign up LOL. You may remove my last two comments. Thanks

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