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Keep Calm and Carry On

I’ve been feeling like a loser in the past week. A couple of efforts we’ve been pursuing were not gaining any traction and developments were so slow a snail could have thumbed his nose at us lagging behind at the finish line. It felt like if only we’d started earlier, or been more aggressive, or sacrificed on the sacred, just for that little bit, we’d now be in a better place.

But a still small voice kept reminding me about Ecclesiastes 3:11 – “He has made everything beautiful in its time”, a verse our pastor spoke on a few weeks ago.

And so on Sunday, as we drove home from church, DH and I concluded that tough as it were to be perceived as having missed the boat…even if mainstream wisdom deemed our actions un-savvy by normal economic logic and reasoning, having done all we can, we will continue to trust God to direct our paths.

We will not fight roadblocks seemingly being put in our way…
We will not lament opportunities missed…
but take each in our stride, believing that God has a better plan.

And just today, I think, things are starting to look up.
Not that we have suddenly achieved overnight, what we were seeking.
The work remains to be done.

But today, we started to see the reasons why events happened the way they did; that every closed door and every missed opportunity, was a blessing that we did not recognise at the time.
Today, I am reminded in more ways than two 😉 , of an old and well-loved memory verse in Jeremiah 29:11, and I comprehend it a little more than before.

Two days ago, I felt like a loser.
Today, there’s a renewed confidence and divine calm in my heart, that my God and my Lord is in charge.
Knowing that as long as I do my part in honouring and trusting Him, He will take care of the rest.
Whether it goes well in the physical realm for us or not, it will always, go well with my soul.

Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders you have done.
The things you planned for us no one can recount to you;
Were I to speak and tell of them,
They would be too many to declare. ~ Psalm 40:5

Alphabet Wall: Making…G for Goldfish

This was a really popular craft with the kids. They actually wanted to make some more, so maybe we will do more later this week, soon as I get the chance to draw and cut out more eyes. (should just invest in a pack of googly eyes from the craft supplies store…)

You will need the following materials: Coloured paper (I used orange for my goldfish and blue for the background), pencil, marker, crepe or tissue paper to match, scissors, glue.

1. Trace a block uppercase letter G on the orange sheet of coloured paper. Cut it out and set aside.

2. Cut out a trapezium shape from your crepe or tissue paper.
3. You might also want to draw and cut out eyes for your goldfish. Alternatively just draw them on.

4. Paste on the letter G,

followed by the tail, and the eyes.


Pasir Ris Park

It was years ago when I first visited Pasir Ris Park.  Ten, to be exact. In a Christian Fellowship cell group retreat.

So it was with fond memories today that I stepped back into the park ten years later, recalling –

the salty smell of sea breeze accompanying our bible studies, 

cooking Coca-Cola chicken and really awful stir-fried vegetables for the group’s lunch because we bought groceries but forgot condiments,

evening walks at the playground,

and staying up late into the night trading funny stories over chicken wing and ah balling suppers.

Why did it take me ten years to return?  Well, travel distance is probably the biggest factor.  Pasir Ris is all the way at the eastern tip of the island.  But it’s probably the travel distance that makes it the wonderfully quiet, tranquil place it is.  There aren’t hordes of people crowding the place, and there’s plenty of wide open space – sky, sea and land – every angle you turn.

We arrived early in the morning to a virtually empty car park, trekked a short distance through the greenery to get to the beach, and found ourselves a comfy spot at the edge of the grass.

And when the sun grew hot, we packed up and headed for the shade of the trees and spent some time running up and down the grassy mounds and checking out the playground slides and swings.

After a week’s worth of being holed up in full day meetings, surviving on blech takeaway food, weak tea and bitter coffee…this…was truly respite for the soul.

Preschooler art: Colour blending

My mom told me DD created this piece all by herself.

Check out that amazing colour blending! I don’t think I’d ever have been able to come up with anything like this at school, let alone at age three-and-a-half. 

A good friend of ours once told me I’d be pleasantly surprised at the thinking and work a child could produce when left alone for a bit.  And yes, I am indeed… 

I found myself wishing it hadn’t been drawn on a lined notepad piece of paper but then…life isn’t perfect.  Anyone know how to transcribe this onto a background and size that I can hang in a picture frame? 🙂 

Kids Say: Testing testing – Part II

Scene: Daddy walks into the room to find his son had climbed onto the bed.

DS: Look, Daddy! I’m not jumping.
Daddy: Uh huh, that’s good.
DS: I’m rolling…
Daddy: … …

Alphabet Wall: Making…F for Flower

I would have liked to do this with silk flowers, just because it would have been more 3D and textural and all that stuff.
But I didn’t have any on hand so I made do with pictures from magazines.  😛

You will need the following materials: Old magazines, scissors, artblock sheet, marker, glue.

1. Scour old magazines for pictures of flowers and cut them out.

2. With a marker, draw a block uppercase letter F on the artblock sheet.

3. Apply glue and paste on your flowers to make an F-shaped flower collage.
4. Decorate any way you like.

And we’re done!

Friday fabulous finds: A “short story”

I found this on the dining table when I got home yesterday.

When I asked DD about it, she said it was a story she wrote in the morning, and proceeded to narrate it to me.   


At this point, I know the verbiage doesn’t make any sense to anyone else, and there is only one real word amidst all the letters (okay…maybe 11 if you’re a Scrabbler) which is entirely coincidental, I’m sure…  😉

…but it does make me look forward to the days when she will learn to write real stories that others can read and enjoy, and I hope she grows to love writing as much as, or more than I do!  🙂