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Preschooler Art: Q-tip painting

A generally low mess painting activity…

…up until the son decides it might be more fun to dot his feet…
…and the surrounding floor instead of the artblock sheet…

More Mixed Media: The Creation Story

This was lots of fun to make and put together as a collaborative family effort. I’m going to frame and mount this up in the children’s room.  🙂

I didn’t take photos of each stage, but here it is deconstructed, if you’re interested in the step-by-step process and want to make your own.  🙂

Day 1: God created light – white art block sheet.

Day 2: God separated the waters – Dark blue paint for body of water below, light blue paint and cotton wool for sky.

Day 3: God made the land and seas, and vegetation – Green coloured paper recycled from an old wrapper for land, craft foam and brown paper for trees, and puffy stickers for vegetation.

Day 4: God made the lights – craft foam sun, silver gel ink pen moon, colourful star stickers.

Day 5: God made the sea and sky creatures – fish and birds cut from Chinese New Year red packets, puffy stickers.

Day 6: God made the land creatures – puffy stickers. (I did not have anything to represent Adam and Eve for the moment, so have left that to later…)

Day 7: God rested.  Nothing added. 😉

Preschooler Art: Introduction to Mixed Media

We’ve mostly been working with single medium art, like painting, collage, crayons, colour pencils. Each of these have been used on their own. So I decided the other day to show DD the wonderful effects of combining crayons and paints.

First, we did a very simple round Earth. Green crayon and blue paint.

Ah, the expression of new discovery that broke out on her face when she saw the magic brought a grin to my own face.

Next, DD drew a face with crayons in multiple colours and then painted the face orange.

And then, we did a full scenery of a tyrannosaurus and an ankylosaurus with crayons in multiple colours, and paints in multiple colours.

Very very fun! 🙂 

Art with Daddy: Experimenting with brushes

So I was reading this early childhood learning reference book we’d borrowed from the library and one of the suggestions in the book was to provide children with a range of different art materials.

” ‘Fat paint brushes’ produce ‘fat paintings’, when sometimes a child may want to record the fine detail in the picture they are creating.”

So I decided to provide a range of different paintbrush sizes on Saturday morning when the kids were painting with their father, and let them pick their own choice of paint colours and brush type to use.

Hmm…not quite the outcome I’d imagined (oh me, the eternal idealist…wahahaha!) but it sure looked like DH had fun with the Chinese brush. 😀

Preschooler art: Painting stripes

DD asked to paint a tiger.  Man, I think she did better on her painting technique than I did on the drawing…  😛