Bookmark Monday: Chapter books

What do you do when you have an almost-five-year-old genius who’s read every available award winner on the library shelves and is now looking to up the ante?

Not our children, but a son of our friends’ – this boy is one amazing reader and as his mum and us were chatting on Sunday, she asked “What else is out there that I can give him that is good clean reading without needing me to censor stuff I’m not comfortable exposing him to?”

Because that is the challenge with chapter books isn’t it?  They are the next reading skill level, but then chapter books are a varied lot.  Some are too complicated, some are too worldly for a young impressionable mind, some are just plain nonsensically mindless.

We didn’t have the answer on Sunday, but on Monday when the kids had a day off from school for Youth Day, DH brought them to the library and they found this series called Dinosaur Cove.

Even if your little dinosaur enthusiast may not be ready to read the book by himself or herself, you can still read a chapter a day to him or her, which is what DH did with the kids.

I hope this helps my friend. 🙂  Click on the links for more information about each series.

Dinosaur Cove book series: About two boys who discover a secret entrance to a prehistoric world where dinosaurs roam.  Written by Rex Stone (possibly a pseudonym?)

Other chapter book series for young readers worth checking out –

The Five Find-Outers Mystery series, written by Enid Blyton: Aspiring sleuths can follow the adventures of Frederick Algernon Trotteville, more affectionately known as Fatty, and his friends Larry, Daisy, Pip, Bets and Buster the Scottie as they solve puzzling mysteries that take place in their little neighbourhood.

Delightfully and quintessentially English in style and setting, I grew up loving this series and all things English tea, and am now a lifelong fan of British-authored whodunnits and their inspired screen adaptations. 😉

The Famous Five series, also by Enid Blyton: Siblings Julian, Dick and Ann  take some time getting used to their cousin, Georgina (who prefers to be called “George” as anything that boys can do, she would do better!).

But once they do, they have the most exciting of adventures on their holidays on the rugged terrains of the English coast and hilly farmlands with the most deliciously mysterious castle ruins, turrets, buried treasure, secret codes and papers, scary caves and tunnels, choppy sea waters and intriguing lighthouses on rocky outcrops.

Joining them and making up the number five is Timmy, George’s dog.

I’m sure we’re only at the tip of the iceberg because there probably are some really good reading lists out there on homeschool forums and blogs, but it’s a start!

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2 responses to “Bookmark Monday: Chapter books”

  1. twoculturemom says :

    Boxcar Children! They are so clean they almost put me to sleep…except that the kids are orphaned…maybe J can skip the first book and read the rest where they are already living with their grandfather.

  2. Ivy says :

    Thanks! We’ve tried dinosaur cove, he quite likes it. Will look for Boxcar Children. I’m still not that happy with “Fatty”. Heh…

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