Bookmark Monday: Drawn to beauty

Jan Brett is an author and illustrator we have just discovered. She has a distinctive style of illustration, and you cannot, must not, rush through reading the book.

I did the first time and missed out on the sidebar and surrounding border margin illustrations, which are anything but sidebar or marginal.

The mini illustrations on the side accompanying the main illustration are positioned to provide a complementary view to the words in the main storyline, gently inviting the reader to stop, look, and listen. 🙂

For example, in her book, “The Umbrella”,

the small picture on the left provides a view of what Carlos, the owner of the umbrella is doing, unaware of all the ongoing action in the umbrella itself, while the small picture to the right of the main provides a precursor to what happens next.

In “Annie and the Wild Animals”,

it is the mini images in the border surrounding the main picture that provide the background to what is happening concurrently as Annie goes about leaving her corn cakes at the edge of the wood.

Beautifully detailed to the nth degree, these books are marvellous for spending a quiet afternoon admiring and enjoying.


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