Rest is good for the heart.

Yes. I know.

That should be so glaringly obvious that I needn’t state it.


Yesterday was the Labour Day public holiday and we had a picnic at the beach with our friends.

And as we set out the food for our families, we happened to talk about how I’d had to make a decision in a blink about a certain event and how this threw me for a loop as I struggled with the dissonance.

You see, I don’t generally make blink-style decisions.

It kills me more to have to decide on the spot without full information, than to engulf myself in energetically chasing down every single byte of information I can get to make the thought process and decision workflow that much more complete and comprehensive, and failsafe and right-the-first-time and all that.

My friend laughed and said she wasn’t sure how I could possibly be more comfortable with that much effort.  I laughed right back because it’s oxymoronic weird to me too but I still do it for every single thing. 

The business of chasing down information, how do I explain it… it tires me and yet energises me at the same time?

Insanity. That I’d been pursuing relentlessly for the past two weeks straight.

Anyway I suppose God decided that enough was enough, and knocked me out for a completely sound asleep nap yesterday evening for a good two hours, in spite of my struggling to stay awake (yes I never learn the easy way…) working through my to-do list.  

And then, again, I fell into another deep sleep in the night despite that late evening nap. 

Two Sundays back, a visiting speaker to our church shared this over the pulpit.

The Chinese word “mang”, which means “busy” is a composite of two individual characters – the left radical, “xin” – “heart” and the right radical “wang” – “death”.

So by literal translation, “busy” = heart death.

I laugh, at the memory and the necessary paradigm shift in thinking. By that reasoning, it technically kills me more to be in busy pursuit of to-do’s than it should to make a blink-style intuitive choice.


Rest is good for the heart.

I need to not be so buried in busy-ness to see the glaringly obvious. 🙂

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. ~ Matthew 11:28-29


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