Fool for you

I’m so sorry. I haven’t done Bookmark Monday because I’ve been so distracted since last week.

It’s birthday month in our home.

And this year. This time round. I am going to attempt baking cupcakes.

Don’t laugh now. I know they are a cinch to most.  But they are not to me.

It will be my first time. (Aarrgh!)
It will be for her kindergarten class. (Double Aarrgh!)
And I am no baker. (If I Aarrgh again, will you cringe? …Nevertheless…Aarrgh!)

I’m just a regular mum –

poring over two cupcake recipe books that arrived as gifts last year (He always knows, I am reminded of that every so often)
unwrapping cellophane and styrofoam on the box containing a new hand mixer (another timely gift!)
working out measurements
checking cupboards for supplies
dashing out, when an opportune forty-five minute window presents itself, to the store to buy butter and flour.

– Just regular me, trying my best to make my daughter’s birthday wishes come true.

Every night, she counts down the days.

There’s a light in her eyes, shining bright, barely containing her excitement.
There’s a light in my eyes, shining bright, barely containing my emotion.

Some say we’re silly for going to such lengths to make a little girl’s day.
But if you’re not silly for a loved one, who else would you rather be silly for?  🙂


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