Math at Play – Make your own number line

Credit for this post really should go to DD, because this was entirely her idea and effort.  I’m just the scribe. 🙂

So then, how to make your own number line or ruler.

(I think it’s brilliant!  I wish I had been that smart at four.  But it’s too late for me now, ha!)

1. Take out your number sticker pack.

2. Paste down the numbers from 1 till…hm, the last number that can fit on the sheet of paper.  Whichever way you arranged your paper to begin with.  So it ended with 18 on hers.

3. Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut out your number line/ruler.

4. Measure everything and everyone in close range.  Like baby bro’s face length. And Daddy’s. And Mummy’s.

5. Patiently entertain Mummy’s randomly made up math problems. Like whose face is longer – Di Di’s or hers…or how many units is Daddy’s face longer than Mummy’s….etc etc.



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One response to “Math at Play – Make your own number line”

  1. Ruth says :

    What a brilliant idea, K!!! 🙂

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