Bookmark Monday: The Mystery of the Monkey’s Maze

I like mystery stories. And I like humorous stories. And when they’re combined into one, it really makes for a hilarious Saturday morning read.

Seymour Sleuth is a detective…but not just any detective…the world’s greatest detective. With his assistant Abbott Muggs, he travels the world solving mysteries. He dislikes air travel, loves his food immensely, has an appalling sense of direction, and will never trust an elephant with a trunk.

It is February 23, 2:26pm in Singapore. Seymour Sleuth is in the midst of practising his famour Mystery Curry Rice with Peanut Butter and Pickles (eugh…) when he receives a note asking for help from Maurice Tann whose mother, Dr Irene A. Tann, the great explorer is in danger from someone who does not want her to find the legendary Black Flower of Sumatra.

Agreeing to take the case, Seymour and Abbott are hurried into a Borneo Airlines flight by Maurice and the adventure begins.
I’ll leave you to find out for yourself why he doesn’t like to fly, and what it is about the elephant with the trunk. 😉

Written in a journal scrapbook style typeface, as a self-read this is probably more for older readers. As a read-aloud for listeners, our preschoolers enjoyed the humour, and it always helps to ham up the drama just for the fun of it.

Seymour’s “Notes on the Clues” and “Notes on the Suspects” is laid out in a fairly systematic manner, and young sleuths should also pay close attention to the illustrated pictures to figure out the whodunnit. 🙂


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One response to “Bookmark Monday: The Mystery of the Monkey’s Maze”

  1. Maxim says :

    That’s awesome. I haven’t read a children’s book in ages. Maybe I’ll pick one up sometime soon.

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