Bookmark Monday: Help Me!

Often when we watch nature programs on television it is about predators eating prey. In some situations, the prey gets to live another day if it manages to outsmart or outrun its predator, or if something should happen that throws the predator off.

Help Me! by Paul Geraghty is a refreshingly different book that turns out pleasantly unexpected happy outcomes to potentially treacherous situations, as the animals at an African savannah waterhole look out for each other’s safety and preservation.

Apparently based on real life observations of African wildlife, it provides the reader with a hearwarming view of rarely expected animal behaviour (at least for those of us who have grown up watching Animal Planet and National Geographic documentaries. I’ve not seen one that shows animals helping other animals out of a perilous spot).

Our three-year-old son particularly enjoyed the read, starting off wide-eyed and worried about the fate of the animal in question, and then breathing a sigh of relief as we turned the page to find a happy ending.

Actually so did I.

After all, doesn’t most everyone love a happy ending? 🙂


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