Bookmark Monday: Room for a Little One

We have a favourite by Martin Waddell on our shelf titled “It’s Quacking Time”. It’s a heartwarming tale of how a duckling and his parents, aunt, cousin and granda welcomes a new baby into their family, and both our children love the book, especially when we point out the similarities with our family, and replace their names into the characters.

“Room for a Little One – A Christmas Tale” written by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Jason Cockcroft is equally heartwarming; a simply wonderful and wonderfully simple story about who and what Christmas is really about.

It’s a cold Christmas Eve night and Kind Ox is resting, snug in the warm straw of the stable when along comes Old Dog, looking for some respite from the bitter winds. Kind Ox invites Old Dog into the stable. By and by, they are joined by Stray Cat and Small Mouse, all seeking shelter and a warm place to rest, and very grateful for Kind Ox’s hospitality.

Finally, Tired Donkey comes along, carrying a very weary and pregnant Mary and a worried Joseph, for there is no room at the inn.
Kind Ox invites them in too, and as all gather in “the peace of a stable”, they share together the privilege of witnessing the miraculous birth of the most wondrous “Little One” of all – Jesus.

Told from the perspective of the animals, it’s a beautiful story about the true meaning of Christmas, with valuable lessons on love, generosity and tolerance.


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  1. Guadalupe Zapien says :

    Its superb as your other posts : D, appreciate it for posting .

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