Kids Say: The spice of (family) life

The other night as we were driving back from dinner, DD was pointedly ignoring her brother’s questions.

Because a couple of minutes ago, the two of them had argued over a toy that really belonged to her, but that he had brought out from home into the car, and so technically she never had it to begin with, but it wasn’t his to bring out, and…ah, it’s complicated.

DS: Mummy, Jie Jie is not listening to me.
Me: …
DS: Mummy, Daddy, Jie Jie is not answering my questions. Jie Jie, why are you not answering me? You see…she make her mouth like this *purses up his lips*
Me and DH: Well, son, you just argued with her over her toy. Maybe you should give it some time.
DS: Can I make funny faces so that she will laugh?
Me: Hmm, you could try.
DS: Look at this, Jie Jie, look at this! *pulls funny face* How ’bout this? *pulls a series of funny faces*

DD despite her best efforts to keep a stern straight face, bursts out laughing. And so do we all.
Sibling shenanigans, the spice of family life. 🙂


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2 responses to “Kids Say: The spice of (family) life”

  1. heart2heartparenting says :

    Humor is a great way to lighten the tension and go on!!!

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