Christmas Craft: Make your own Christmas tree

We started making our own family Christmas tree from recycled materials about three years back, and it’s becoming somewhat of an annual tradition. It’s a lot of fun, especially now that the kids are older and more involved in the process. 🙂

If you’d like to try this too, you will need the following materials:-
An assortment of old magazines, scissors, four artblock sheets, brown acrylic paint, blu-tack, craft glue.

1. Cut out various green leaf shapes from the pages of the old magazines. The more variety of shades of green you can amass, the more interesting your tree will be.

2. Paint the artblock sheets completely brown. We use acrylic paint because it produces an interesting textured look.  Otherwise, regular poster paint will do just fine.

3. Once the paint has dried, cut up the artblock sheets to form the trunk and branches of the tree. Using blu-tack, paste the trunk and branches on to a wall.

4. Next, paste the leaves onto the branches using craft glue.

You’re now ready to decorate your own homemade woodsy Christmas tree.

We’re going to be decorating ours with ornaments and crafts the kids have been making in Sunday school, in the run up to Christmas, and items from our Advent calendar as well. 🙂

For more ideas, click here and here for our 2009 tree. 🙂  Have fun!


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