Bookmark Monday: My heart is like a zoo

“My heart is like a zoo- eager as a beaver, steady as a yak… ”

A colourful picture book of twenty zoo animals, each of the brief descriptions of an animal is linked to a primary emotion – eager, steady, hopeful, silly, happy, snappy, angry, bothered, gloomy, peaceful…

Written in simple and clear text accompanied by neat and colourful pictures, this book provides a useful base to talk to our children about feelings and emotions and how we can use words as a effective way of expressing both positive and negative feelings.

As an English language teaching tool, you could also talk about the adjectives and how they can be used to describe an emotion in deeper detail, e.g. crafty as a fox…frightened as a rabbit…jumpy as a frog…quiet as a caterpillar wearing knitted socks…happy as a herd of hippos drinking apple juice!

Using digital graphics, Michael Hall creates illustrations that incorporate layers of heart shapes to make each animal.  Which also inspires us to think of pulling out our craft supplies to go cut and make some heart shaped animals of our own. 🙂

Click here to view the official website and trailer.


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