Kids Say: Keeping it practical

The other day I tried to present lunch in a different and fun way….in a “boat”.
Making the content was simple.  Home made minced chicken patties, blanched veggies and grilled fish. And assembling it took less than a minute.

The stuff which took an inordinate amount of time for what should have been the simplest task…rattling around in drawers for skewers to use as the masts, and looking for clean sheets of paper to make the sails. (Okay, I’m inordinately particular about clean.sheets.of.paper)

In the end, the kids thought that everything about the bread boat was cool, except the sail!

“Mummy, can you take away the sail? I cannot bite the bread properly…”

“Mummy, the sail is poking my face.”

Haha. So much for variation.

Ah well.  On the bright side, it’s kinda nice to know they value the practical over the aesthetic. 🙂


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