Kids Say: Sleepless

With Christmas fast approaching, our nights are spent on sorting through purchases and lists and wrapping gifts. And this is obviously not lost on the kids; with shopping bags piled in a corner of our room, the rustling of tissue and wrapper, snip-snip of the scissors and squeeeak of the cellophane tape.

As we fold, wrap, label and paste, DH and I can hear them. Chatting and giggling together. Plotting believable excuses.
Followed by the ever so slight but distinctive creak of a door opening.
The pitter patter of tiny feet.
The tuft of hair belonging to the head peering round the door frame, and the swish of a blanket giving away their hiding spot.
You can feel the excited vibes emanating from the pillar.


“Yes children, what is it?”

Shy sidelong smile from DD. And a cheeky chortle from the boy.

And then comes the list of “valid” requests and reasons for stepping out of bed. 

“Daddy, I need to pee…”

“Mummy, I’m thirsty”.

“Daddy, I need to go to pee again…”

“Mummy, my foot is itchy…”


And thereafter emboldened by the permission to venture out from behind the pillar…they lose not a single moment in excitedly clambering onto our bed, leaning over the edge, eyes gleaming with curiosity.

“Mummy, what are you doing?”

“Wow! What’s that? Can I play with that game?”

“Is it a puzzle?  Is it for me?  Can I open it now? (No, sorry). Okay, then how about tomorrow?”

“No. You will have to wait till Christmas. Go to sleep, dears.”


Sigh, Christmas. With all the sleepless excitement and anticipation it brings.



“I need to go to pee again…”

Accompanied by a hopeful smile.

Here we go. Again.

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