Archive | November 14, 2011

Bookmark Monday: Winning Collaborations

I love it when good authors/illustrators come together. It makes for really winning books that entice readers to keep on returning to pick it off the shelf, and request repeated readings.

Both Julia Donaldson and Emily Gravett need no introduction – they are already highly awarded and acclaimed picture book authors in their own right.

We borrowed this book twice from the library, after keeping it for two weeks, DS asked for it again.

Cave Baby lives in a cave, filled with paintings of a sabre-toothed tiger, a hyena, a hare, a grey woolly mammoth, and a big brown bear. But when Cave Baby gets hold of the paint pots and adds his own little take on his mom’s paintings, his parents are cross at the mess, and his father tells him “If you don’t take care, a mammoth’s going to throw you to the big brown bear!”.

That night a mammoth really does comes and take Cave Baby away. Worried that he is going to be thrown to the big brown bear, Cave Baby hangs on for the ride, as they pass a sabre-toothed tiger, a hyena, a hare and finally reach the mammoth’s cave.

To his surprise and delight, he is allowed to paint all he wants. After the mammoth takes him safely back home, he settles happily into bed, dreaming of all the animals, except this time the bear is now a small brown bear. It’s a simple story that celebrates the joyous, colourful and messy creativity of children and babies.

Oh, and don’t miss looking out for the subtle references to the “big brown bear” in the pages! 😉