Archive | November 1, 2011

Dinosaurs Live!

Last Wednesday we decided to check out the Dinosaurs Live exhibition at the Annexe of the Singapore Science Centre.

The exhibition runs from 21 October to 26 February 2012. In line with the theme, the Omnimax theatre is showing Flying Monsters, a study of prehistoric pterosaurs and their evolution, narrated by David Attenborough.

How do you tell a styracosaurus from a triceratops from a protoceratops?

I got them mixed up but DS was totally in his element, as he called out the names of the dinosaurs from afar even before we got to the exhibit itself.  He was so pleased with himself when we confirmed with the signages that he was absolutely right! Totally precious.

What’s a dinosaurs exhibition without the all familiar, typical tyrannosaurus rex skeleton? 😉

Be forewarned though, the admission charges are on the pricey side.  Especially if you’re questioning the accuracy of the representations…I mean, after all, which one of us could really say for sure that that was truly the colour of an ankylosaurus, or how the parasaurolophus really sounded like?  Ha.  But if you take it with a pinch of salt, the sandpit, colouring station, clay dino-fossil craft table and dino rides are pretty fun to the young, wide-eyed and un-jaded amongst us. 🙂

DD and DS brought home their own clay triceratops and stegosaurus respectively, coloured up some funky velociraptor pictures, and spent a considerable time just digging and raking sand.  Which gave DH and I the opportunity to check out the explanatory notes at the exhibits, and also catch up with some church friends we met who’d brought their grandchildren to the exhibition.


A tip from DH: Go to the website link above and download the 3D app if you have an iPhone. You’ll get some really cool interactive images. 😀  ** REALLY. COOL! **

And just one more additional little tip for parents: Stay far, FAR away from the “dino store”, a.k.a. souvenir store.

For one, it’s a gaping toy retail trap.

For another, it stocks the “exclusively designed exhibition trail booklet” priced at $3, but the booklet is not comprehensive enough on its own so you’d feel obliged to complete the pack by purchasing the accompanying stickers, by which time, you would have paid a princely sum of $8 in total for each trail booklet pack.

The booklet is meant to be filled up as you stop at each of the dino-kiosks  in the exhibition to collect picture stamps of various species of dinosaurs. Which is a useful resource, except…

A cleverer zero cost option? Pick up a couple of A4 sized plain sheets of paper from the colouring station, fold them into a mini-book and let the kids stamp those. Kickstart your memory into gear, remember what each of your stamps represent and go home and look up the internet or encyclopedias together as a family for information on the dinosaur species in question.  Save the $8 to buy three packs of chicken rice for lunch…or two McDonald’s value meals with a $1 top up. 😀


(Post update: We’ve just discovered, after downloading the app, that the sticker pack also has the capability to display in 3D with the iPhone app.  So buy the stickers if you would like to have the full 3D collection.  But only if you have an iPhone, otherwise they would just be expensive regular two-dimensional stickers.)