Bookmark Monday: Siblings and friends

Every parent desires to build healthy sibling relationships among our children. So it’s great when one comes across books with simple but meaningful and funny, non-preachy stories about loving one another, playing together and sharing.  Stories that the kids can relate to, and will love reading and re-reading.

Here are two little gems we’ve found that are growing on us, and that we’re planning to slot into our kid’s bookshelf selection tomorrow. 🙂

Flip and Flop by Dawn Apperley

I’ll let the synopsis from the back cover do the talking because it’s worded just so perfectly….

“Flip is five. Flop is two. Whatever Flip does, Flop does too. But one day Flip wants to play in the snow with a buddy his own size. And that leaves poor little Flop out in the cold. How Flop finds a friend of his own – and a game that everyone can enjoy – makes for an endearing romp, written and illustrated with snowy sparkle.”

The MineOSaur; written by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, illustrated by David Clark

Our kids are in a dino-loving phase, particularly our little boy so we thought this book would make a cute addition to our collection. I think he will love this, because as I was reviewing it, he asked me repeatedly to show him the cover.

The Mine-o-saur is a dinosaur who doesn’t want to share, so he goes around, taking away toys that the other dinosaurs are playing with, and roaring “Mine! Mine! Mine!” Oh what a pest he is to the others.

However, he eventually reaches a point where he has claimed all the toys in the school playroom and playground for his own, and comes to the realisation that it doesn’t matter squat to the other dinosaurs, because with or without toys, they are still able to carry on laughing, playing and having fun.  And that is the value of friendship and sharing, a valuable takeaway for him, as the story ends on a happy note with the other dinos forgiving him and welcoming him to play and share together.


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