Kids Say: Flee!

I was working at my laptop in the afternoon when DD appeared at my side and handed me these two packs that came from a birthday goodie bag she brought home from school.

“Here, mummy. This is for daddy (the Twisties) and this is for you (the Tam Tam).”
“Oh, okay. Thank you sweetheart. Where did these come from?”
“It was <..>’s birthday today. But I know I’m not supposed to eat these…so you have it.”

Leaving me a bright smile, she skipped back outside.

Smart kid.

Couldn’t help drawing the parallel. There’s something for me, for us, adults, to learn.  From that simple and pure childlike trust.

Flee from temptation by simply handing the source of temptation to our Heavenly Father, then walk away with a hop and skip in our step and find something constructive to do.

Food (and certainly not the junk variety) for thought.

“…for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” – Matthew 19:14



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