Copywork: Interest Capitalization

…of the non-financial kind, heh! 😉

I mentioned A Field Full of Horses in yesterday’s post as being one of the latest favourites in our reading shelf.

It’s also the latest favourite as a copywork resource, having made the most of DD’s interest in the book to encourage her to read and write.

While I am aware that the main objective of copywork is to familiarize a child with the look and feel of properly constructed sentences; from our own experience, through copying out a selected sentence in a favourite book, she would recognize it the next time we read the book together and be inspired to keep working at reading.

It’s unconventional…but then, I’ve come to learn, God creates every child as a unique individual. And the benefit of working with one’s own child, is the ability to embrace individuality and customise the learning journey to their aptitude and interest. 🙂

Some of the excerpts she has chosen for writing…


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