Edible Math: Shaken AND stirred.

On the weekend, we received an invite from a friend to join a school field trip to learn how to make ice cream at Scoop of Art, a gelato café located in the Marine Parade Community Centre.

Ice cream? Ooh, I don’t have to be asked twice. 😀

Have you ever tried making ice cream in a bag? I haven’t.  Hadn’t. But now that I have, I’m so inspired that I’m plotting the shortest distance route to the nearest NTUC supermarket to stock up on Ziploc bags, wahahaha!

Here’s what you’ll need for raw materials to make basic vanilla ice-cream (recipe from Scoop of Art):-

1 cup milk
5 ml vanilla extract
3 tablespoons sugar
Ice cubes
6 tablespoons salt
One sandwich size Ziploc bag, and one large Ziploc bag.

1. Measure out milk in a measuring cup, add sugar and vanilla extract, stir well.

2. Pour the mixture into the small Ziploc bag and seal tightly.

3. Fill the large Ziploc bag half full of ice and add 6 tablespoons of salt.

4. Place the small bag inside the big bag and seal the big bag tightly.

5. Shake for 15 minutes until the mixture solidifies.  (You might need mittens or a tea towel as the bag will be VERY VERY cold!)

6. Open the bags and enjoy your own home made shaken and stirred ice cream.

Home made! At almost zero cost! And only ever fifteen minutes away from it… ICE CREAM!


In the process, there were plenty of opportunities to:-

  1. Practise measuring liquids and dry ingredients with measuring cups and spoons.
  2. Count the number of ice cubes required to reach the halfway mark on the Ziploc.
  3. Identify start and stop points with the hands on a clock for the 15 minutes required to solidify the ice cream.

You can also explore the scientific angle, and discuss freezing and melting points, e.g.

  1. What is the purpose of adding salt to the ice?
  2. In the process of ice cream making, the milk mixture changes from ___ state to ___ state?
  3. How does the action of shaking the bag influence the result of liquid to solid state in the mixture?
  4. What then happens to the ice cream when it is left out in the open? It then changes from ___ state to ___ state?  Why?

I’d love to know if you decide to try it out and what results you got. 🙂

Oh, and if that Mars Bar and Sea Salt flavour looked tempting enough for you to pay a visit to Scoop of Art, you can find them at 278 Marine Parade Road #01-03 Marine Parade Community Club. Tel: 63456563.

And now, for those Ziploc bags. And some cocoa powder for chocolate ice-cream, mmm. Maybe some berries! And…

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2 responses to “Edible Math: Shaken AND stirred.”

  1. virtuos and beautiful says :

    This is too good to be true. Ice cream you can make in a bag?

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