In my world: Beam me up!


What’s that yellow and pink thingy then?

Make good guesses…



Still no clue?

It’s the holder from the lanterns the kids have been playing with earlier this week during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

After tiring of running around with the lit lanterns, the kids detached the holders from the lanterns and have been playing at pretend fishing.

Apparently DD threw hers up a little too high and it hooked itself on the beam of the ceiling lightbox.

(How does throwing a fishing rod help you to catch fish anyway?…That I guess, is a question for another day…)


Sometimes in the middle of cleaning the rooms, I discover little gems left behind by the children. This Friday series was started with the intention of celebrating the imagination and creativity in a young child’s world…and hoping that it’ll bring a little ray of inspiration and joy to your day, as it does mine.

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