Kids Say: Snail bread

Last Thursday, I had to purchase cold medication for DS, so he came along with me to the clinic. As we left the doctor’s, from inside the building we saw our bus just leaving the bus stop. So we had fifteen minutes to spare.

As we were visiting a friend’s home for a playdate that afternoon, I decided to use the fifteen minutes to pop into the neighbouring bakery to buy some pastries for her.

I’d finished picking what I wanted when DS’s eyes fell onto the cinnamon rolls and he called out, “Mummy, look! Snail bread!”

“Mummy, can I have snail bread? Please? Pleasepleaseplease…”
Figuring there was no harm, I picked up one from the shelf and placed it on our tray.

“Mummy, can we buy one snail bread for Jie Jie?”
Okay, one for Jie Jie.

“And one for Mummy”.
Hmmmm, son, these cinnamon rolls cost $2.80 a piece…”It’s okay son, mummy doesn’t…”
“And one for Mummy!”

“And one for Daddy also.”
As I hesitate, he tugs earnestly on my sleeve.
“Mummy, and one for Daddy also.”

Another $2.80…four rolls…adds up to $11.20.
I know. Mighty expensive for four bread rolls.

But as I paid the money, I looked down at my little boy.

The happiness shining through in his face. The ecstatic glow in his eyes as he clapped his hands, rested his chin on the counter and peered excitedly at the rolls being put into paper packages.

“Yay! Snail bread!”

Bless his heart, he just wanted to make sure everyone in the family could share the joy of “snail bread”.
He was so excited he insisted on carrying the purchases for me all the way to the bus stop, onto the bus, off the bus, and on the walk back home.

In that morning, I watched my three-year old stand taller, shoulders squared, walking purposefully as he took on the important task of carrying “tomorrow’s breakfast” back home for the family.

In that light, I guess…paying three bucks a pop per cinnamon roll isn’t all so bad an idea. The amount of money spent is less of an issue compared to the opportunity to allow him to bless others with a thoughtful heart.  How could I not encourage that? 

And so we all enjoyed generous portions of the tastiest “snail bread” we’d ever had, for Friday’s breakfast. 🙂


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2 responses to “Kids Say: Snail bread”

  1. Jessica says :

    How sweet! Literally and figuratively!

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