Preschooler Craft: Geometric Giraffe

When DD saw me sorting through our diminishing stack of coloured paper for a planned craft activity the other day, she asked me for a sheet of purple coloured paper to “cut something”.  Usually her “I want to cut something” moments end up in random bits and pieces strewn over the floor. Not incredibly keen on squandering one of the precious last few sheets for that purpose, I suggested she use some recycled paper instead.

Her face fell.

And then I remembered reading somewhere that for kids to produce good art, we should try to the best of our ability to provide them the best materials we can possibly afford.

Oh…well, it wasn’t quite as if I had an immediate need or purpose for the purple sheet of paper I guess.  And it wasn’t as if purple coloured paper was all that expensive to purchase more of.

I called out to her and handed her the sheet of purple paper. Her eyes lit up.

I watched her go, now joyous, skipping across the floor into her room.  I shuffled the remaining sheets back into the plastic wrapper and thought nothing more of it.

And then…DH and I saw her arranging this on the floor.

It was amazing – the usual random geometric shapes she cuts, but now cleverly positioned to form an inspired piece. We gave her a large yellow sheet to paste her arrangement on and mounted it on the wall beside her bed. And she’s really proud of it.

I’m kinda…no I’m really glad that I followed that little pricking to not hold back on the more “precious” resources.  Because maybe, just maybe we would have missed out on this whimsical geometric giraffe altogether. 

And that, I guess, would be the real squandering…

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One response to “Preschooler Craft: Geometric Giraffe”

  1. Ruth says :

    this is such a precious moment! 🙂

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