Kids Say: Hand a map to the kids…

…and be prepared to be directed all over the place!

We took advantage of the Singapore National Day holiday to visit the zoo. Except recently, in a effort to encourage DD to read, we handed her the map and asked her to direct the family’s route around the zoo.  Between her and her brother, that sure led to some comical outcomes.


“Hey kids, look at the orang utan!  He’s going to climb up the vine.”

“But I want to see the snakes.”

“How about we go see the snakes after this?”

“Hmm…oops, well, maybe snakes after the zebras and giraffes.  Um, and lions.”

“Do you want to compare the jaguar and leopard?”

“No, I don’t want jaguar. I just want to see the snakes.”

“Do we have enough time to make it to the elephants show?”

“Fifteen minutes?  Grab lunch first?”

*after Elephants of Asia* 

“Mommy, I want to go to the carousel?”

“Um, carousel is kinda far away….”

“Mommy, can we go to the black monkey?” 

“But I want to go to the carousel.”

“That would mean going past elephants…for the third time…”

“How about the lemurs? Can we go and see the lemurs?”

“I’m so tired, let me just sit down here for awhile.  Pygmy hippos…look, kids, aren’t they cute?”

“That’s not a hippo…”


I think you catch my drift… (click here to view the roundabout figure eight route we took).


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