Countdown to Singapore’s National Day Parade 2011: Scene in Singapore

It’s day two of our NDP 2011 craft countdown.  Today, we’re working on a craft foam collage, leveraging preschooler scissor skills!

You will need the following materials: Craft foam, and coloured paper in various shades, scissors, white glue, artblock sheet.

I asked the kids to think about the Singapore landscape and what they remember of it. We looked at some photos we’d taken from a trip on the Singapore Flyer during the December school holidays last year, asked questions, and it took some time…but after a while, they started coming up with some ideas.

DD did a landscape – a forest (think Bukit Timah, Eng Neo Avenue…), cars on the  highway, an MRT train with ten wheels, a ship, the sea, the Singapore Flyer, and container handling gantry cranes at the Port of Singapore Tanjong Pagar terminal.

DS only wanted to create the sea, a ship and a single crane. 

The kids call these “giraffe cranes” and the port terminal “giraffe crane island”.  If you live in Singapore, hop on a bus or drive past any of PSAs port terminals, and keep a lookout for the quay cranes which have the boom lifted up in the air and you might see why!  😉 

If you’re an overseas reader, check out the PSA website and you’ll be able to see the mentioned cranes in the pictures on their website.  

There are a total of 190 cranes spread out over the five terminals at Keppel, Brani, Tanjong Pagar and Pasir Panjang, that’s a lot of opportunity for mechanical giraffe-spotting. 🙂


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