The magnificence of mundane

There are days. And then, there.are.days.

But after a week’s worth of bleary-eyed nights, sponging fevered foreheads, measuring four different medications three times a day, and ingesting dangerous levels of caffeine to ensure I don’t fall nose-first into the (dusty, eww eww!!) grooves of my keyboard the next morning at work…I’ve never been gladder to have my sticky, sweaty son back in action.

Funny how it takes a bout of flu to make you appreciate –

The overflowing laundry basket in the kids bathroom…

The inconvenient second grocery trip in the week to buy new breakfast supplies…

Being bone tired worn out from chasing the lil’ rascal all around the house to take his bath…

The mental exhaustion of disciplining and reiterating for the eleventh hundredth time why listening and obeying first time round is better than having to say sorry.

And all those other daily mundane “troublesome” things sometimes a mom wished she could just tie to a balloon and let float away.

His nose is still running and we’re still regretting we didn’t long tissue futures… 😛
but it sure is fantastic to have everything almost back to normal at home. Life’s – weird that way. 😉


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