In my world: Preservation

DD had just built this paddock for her horses with the wooden block set when I went to let her know she needed to clear away her toys and play elsewhere, because it was time for DS’s nap.

She wasn’t ready to dismantle the structure. But she also did not want her little brother to come along and knock it down.  In a small tearful voice, she asked if it could be brought over to our room.

When DS came into the room, he saw the paddock. He liked it so he asked that I keep the door open and that the arrangement be preserved and not cleared away.

I paused, not knowing what quite to do – images of a potential tearful impasse flashing through my mind – one wailing to have the blocks, and the other wailing to have it kept as is, naptime all messed up, and my plans to get some critical tasks out of the way completely destroyed.



DS started to add some details to the paddock. The green bars are to protect the horses from ferocious wild beasts, he said. O-kay.

Then he willingly climbed into his bed, reminded me to keep the door open, and keep the structure as it is, so he could see it from where he was. O-kay.

I stealthily combed away the extra unused blocks, gathered them into my hands and brought them quietly to DD in the other room. He didn’t notice. O-kay.

I told her that her little brother loved the paddock so much that he asked for it to be kept as-is. I also told her about his structural additions to protect her horses. She nodded and wiped her tears away. O-kay.

He was asleep in minutes. Next thing I saw, she had walked over to their room and was examining the additions he had made.

She looked up and whispered, “But the yellow blocks at the side are still low enough for a lion to jump over, aren’t they?”

“Yes, I suppose they are…”

She smiled appreciatively, straightened the arrangement a little, and then returned to what she was doing.

And as peace gently settles over the household, I breathe a prayer of gratefulness and relief to Him alone who is able to make it so.


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