Wordcraft – W for Wild

We found this really fun book recently, and bought a copy for our own home collection.

It’s a story about relative perceptions – Jack’s mother has always advised him never to go into the forest for fear of the ferocious wild beasts in it. Unfortunately, Jack disobeyed and is now lost and frightened.

He meets a bear who tries to help him find his way out of the forest, and in that process they meet an elephant, a lion, crocodile, wolf and python – all of whom neither Jack nor the animals themselves see as being ferocious….but are each made very worried about the ferocious beasts that Jack describes – an irony in itself. 

By the time the sun is setting, they’re all creeping about the forest, looking around nervously, watching each other’s back and completely spooked about the ferocious beasts that will be coming out to hunt…and…well, I shan’t spoil the ending for you. 😉

If you haven’t read the book, I’m pretty sure it can be found at your local library or bookstore. 🙂

Ignoring the factual inaccuracies, e.g. lions don’t live in forests, the book in itself is a very entertaining and delightful read.  We must have read this a million times by now – it is the kids’ latest favourite and they ask for it to be read every morning and every night!


To make your own Wordcraft “ferocious wild beast” hiding in the jungle, you will need the following materials: Artblock sheet, marker, blue paint, green and yellow coloured paper, scissors, glue.

1. On the artblock sheet, write out the letters w i l d.

2. Have your child paint the artblock sheet blue. (We used a sponge roller for this, but you can use anything. Alternatively, skip painting and use blue coloured paper for the background).

3. While your child is painting, cut out strips of green paper for grass.

4. When the paint is dry, paste on the strips of green paper.

5. Cut out two yellow cat’s eyes and paste just above the w.

Recommended reading accompaniment:-

Ferocious Wild Beasts – written by Chris Wormell



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