Edible Math: Addition, Subtraction and Fractions

I apologise that we’re a little behind on our Wordcraft activities. As you know, we do all our brainstorming for our crafting activities at night. But in the past few nights, I’ve just completely knocked out the moment my head hits the pillow…so…I haven’t been logging on to the pc much.  But I promise we will get this back on track, soonest possible.

In the meantime – I wanted to show you something fun to do with leftover cupcake liners.  (I didn’t discover this, DD did.)

We’d just finished three mini cupcakes for tea.

After eating them, DD folded the cupcake liners into half and half again. She then arranged them on the plate. I think it was more for the aesthetic, than the mathematical angle, as the strawberry, vanilla and chocolate colours look very cheery.  

But arranged that way, each of those liners look like quarters that make up a circle! 

Below are some questions we walked through in a simple math-based game.  🙂

  1. How many cupcake liners do you have on the plate?
  2. How many cupcake liners do you think it takes to form a full circle? (Manoeuver the shapes around the plate to work out the answer. If your child is old enough to understand, you can introduce the concept of quarters, halves and wholes.)
  3. How many more cupcake liners will you need to make a whole circle? 
  4. What shape do we get if we take away one of the cupcake liners? (Half a circle).

If you do try it out, I would be very grateful if you’d let me know how it goes, and I’d be interested to know if there are other variations of questions you come up with as well.

Have fun!


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