Scribbles from our Travels: Day 9 – Perth King’s Park

Today we start towards the last leg of our holiday – back to Perth.
It’s an easy drive back up north towards the city and we reach Kings Park at about 10.45am.

We stroll around the park a little, looking at all the plants and find this one – I forget the name that was inscribed on the metal plate, but it’s a good reminder of a book we’ve been reading about plants, “Ladybird Read it Yourself: Amazing Plants”, which describes the life cycle of a plant from seed to sprout, then leaves and flowers and fruit and back to seed again.

This is a stone wall that is part of the Court of Contemplation war memorial monument in the park, commemorating the lives of Western Australians slain in conflicts.  The walls feature the names of major battlefields. You can see a better picture of the memorial on this link.

While we’re standing at the wall, DH suddenly recalls something he was told, although he doesn’t remember who told it to him. If one of you stands at one end of the wall, and the other at the other end, and you speak into the bricks, you can hear each other as if you’re standing right next to the person.

So, just for the fun of it, we try that, and it works!
How do you explain that? I don’t know but it’s tons of fun – the kids were surprised at first, and then they couldn’t get enough of it after the first time.


It starts to rain heavily after that so everyone sprints helter skelter for shelter. We run into the park café, and sit down to wait for DH’s parents, who’ve arranged to meet us there.

The café staff are just removing the breakfast menus and getting the place ready for lunch, so we can just literally sit back and not be pressured to order while waiting. Great timing. 😉

We have a leisurely lunch, after all, with it pouring cats and dogs outside, there’s effectively nowhere else to go.

And then we decide to meet up again for dinner in the city.

Dinner is at Corner Café – an Asian restaurant at Hay Street, which can’t make up its mind whether it sells Thai, Vietnamese, or Chinese food. 🙂 We order a steamed fish fillet in Thai sauce, sweet and sour pork, stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts and kuey teow chicken noodle soup, with servings of white rice all around.

Piping hot comfort food that’s close to the heart of home, on a cold winter’s evening – indescribable!

The rest of the night is spent with all of us sprawled on the queen bed in our unit, watching Kungfu Panda, the movie. It’s one of the kids’ current favourites.


Oh I have to tell you about our unit in Perth Vineyards Holiday Park.

We booked a six-sleeper cabin, but when we first arrived at our unit, I almost wanted to double back to reception to ask if we could upgrade to a bigger one.

This metal container can sleep six? How? Opening the sliding door, we walk into a space where a two seater sofa is backed against the wall. Beside it is a queen sized bed with two bedside tables. At the end of the bed is the kitchen, and beside that, directly opposite the sofa, is a round dining table. Bathroom’s at the far end. Beside the bathroom is the bedroom with four bunk beds in a L-shaped configuration.

The ceiling is low – I can touch it if I jump and stretch my hand up.  Next time I use the phrase “cabin fever”, I can back up my statement with a real life experience! 😉

I’m the only one feeling claustrophobic though. DH is indifferent, Mum is busy checking out the kitchen. The kids are thoroughly delighted; they’ve immediately made themselves at home at the top bunks.

At the end of the day, everyone sleeps really well, and Mum says the cooking facilities and utensils are cleaner than the ones in our unit in Mandurah. Heater and hot water in the bath are top-notch.

The place didn’t look impressive at the start but turns out to be more comfortable and better equipped than our motel unit in Mandurah, which looked impressive on the surface until we started testing the facilities.

A good reminder to me, that I should never judge a book by its cover. 🙂

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