Scribbles from our Travels: Day 7 – Busselton (finally!) – Mandurah

Today we have to drive north anyway, so we make one last attempt in Busselton to try our luck. What d’ya know – the jetty train is operating! Yay!

The UWO is still closed but on chatting with a staff member at the counter, I’m told, in reality it doesn’t really open in winter, the peak season when the UWO is open daily is really in summer time.  This is because, in order for the water to have sufficiently clear visibility to view the underwater reef, there needs to be several consecutive days of good weather.  Which you can get in sunny summer, but not in typically rainy winter!

Ahh.  So now, you know too! Nowhere on the internet has anyone has said anything about this and the website says it is open all year round.  Not true!  While it does caveat with the phrase “weather permitting”, this now gives us a little more clarity what the phrase really means. 🙂

We buy tickets for the 12pm train and since we have 45 minutes to spare, we quickly run to settle an early lunch.

There is only one restaurant within walking distance of the jetty, the other is an ice-cream café that sells regular white bread sandwiches at what I’d consider expensive prices for a small serving. 

So we walk into “The Goose”.  Cute name…I forgot to ask them why it’s called that.

The waitress informs us that lunch won’t start till 12, and currently they are offering only the breakfast menu. A quick glance at the prices shows the breakfast menu is cheaper anyway. Heh, even better – I love having an excuse to eat breakfast for lunch. 😉

Time flies and 11:50 creeps up on us!  Here comes the train returning from the other end of the jetty. Cue to settle bill!

While DH makes payment, I shovel the last mouthful of bacon and eggs into my mouth(I know, terribly unladylike…but I’ve a train to catch), grab a napkin, wrap my toast in it, and shepherd the kids out.

DS is so thrilled with the train ride, he can’t stop grinning. DD is busy experimenting with Daddy’s camera and taking pictures of us all – she’s getting to be a real pro photographer.

I cuddle the two of them and sigh happily as I lean back in my seat, munch my toast and hum the song, “It’s a happy day, and I praise God for the weather…”

After our train ride, we hang around the beach a little while, chasing seagulls and other birds, and picking up little pebbles, seashells, pine needles and other assorted treasures from the ground. All’s well and calm till DS puts his fingers into some bird droppings…eeeeeerrrggh!!


After Busselton, we drive north to Mandurah. And we find out that the place where we’re booked in – Comfort Inn Crest Mandurah – is under acquisition by another motel chain. What this means:

  • The reception was closed. We drove round and round the city and marina area trying to find the acquirer’s reception to collect our keys. Grr.
  • The laundry facilities were locked.
  • The place was fairly deserted. Only a few other cars were parked outside the other self-contained units.
  • Although our unit had fairly large rooms with comfy beds, the heater unfortunately was not working properly, and neither were the hot showers. 😦 DS had a rude shock when the water suddenly turned freezing cold in the midst of his bath, and our nights were cooooold!

What an experience… I’ve never stayed in a place that is in the midst of being taken over. 

I hope they will repair the necessary – the place is really quite nice, barring the poor facilities maintenance, but I suppose that’s just part and parcel of the process of acquisition.

Looking on the brighter side though, driving round and round the marina gave us the opportunity to ooh and aah over the massive luxury homes in the canals, each with one, some with two, or three(!) boats moored in their own private berths. 

Talk about living in the lap of luxury – one driveway and garage to park your multiple cars, and one private jetty to park your multiple boats!

This trip has been full of adventure – date changes, weather unpredictability, fallen trees, motel takeovers – it’s our most eventful family trip to date! 😉

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