Scribbles from our Travels: Day 3 – Fremantle – Margaret River

When we checked out of Mariner’s at 9:40am this morning, the plan was to drive non-stop to Margaret River and lunch there, but around 11.10am, DH’s dad signals for our convoy to stop for coffee and to stretch our legs.

We stop at a roadside café just before Bunbury, which is connected to a petrol kiosk and has a playground out back. The kids must think Australia is playground paradise – it seems as if we find a new playground every day.

After sipping our lattes, we vote to just settle lunch here.
It’s 12:40pm when we get back into our cars for the next leg of our journey. All fed and happy, the kids doze off.

Around Carbunup River, DH and I decide that an after –lunch impromptu chocolate stop might be nice.

Oooooooooooh chocolaaaaate… 😛

So with happy thoughts spurring us on, we zoom happily down Bussell Highway and the turn off to Harmans Mill Road.

I should state, at this juncture, that all the maps are with us. The grandparents had entrusted us solely with the navigation and itinerary planning, so they had no idea whatsoever where we were heading, up until we turned into the parking lot of The Margaret River Chocolate Company.

Oooooooooooh chocolaaaaate… 😛

Milk choc, white choc, dark choc - I wanna eat 'em all....

Having satisfied our flavonoid dietary cravings requirements for the month week day, we drive over to Margaret River Providore, which is under the same ownership as MR Choc Co. Aside from a whole range of jams, spreads, dips, olive oils and the like,

Providore also has a pretty vegetable garden, which we spent a good forty minutes wandering in.  It was a good opportunity to show the kids that their veggies come from a patch, and not off a supermarket shelf.

Just look at that beautiful eggplant…

And this is an asparagus fern.

The asparagus spears that we eat are actually the immature fronds of the asparagus fern.  This is because once the buds start to open, the shoots quickly turn woody.  

The fern dies off completely in winter. It starts growing again in spring, and you can pick the spears right through to summer. 

The fruit is a small red berry, about 6 to 10mm in diameter and is poisonous to humans.

I learnt something new today. 🙂

After that yummy detour, we check in at Sunflowers Farm at 4pm. We’ll be here for four nights.

The kids head straight out to grab two buckets with bread, lettuce, and grains to feed the farm animals.

The grandmothers set to dishing up a four course home cooked dinner, with persimmons, watermelon and custard apples for dessert afterward.

And that, is all of our plans for the rest of the evening. It’s all grand.


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