Scribbles from our Travels: Day 2 – Fremantle – Sorrento Quay

We head out to Fremantle Markets this morning.

It’s a wealth of little artsy-craftsy nooks and stalls, but prices are pretty steep, so although I had some fun admiring some really beautiful pieces that I would’ve liked to cart home to add a little character to our place, we kept our purchases to food items which were more reasonably priced.

Leaving with some purchases of tea, herbs and on-sale persimmons, our next stop is Sorrento Quay.


More seagulls for the kids to chase while the adults scout out a lunch venue.

After walking up and down a couple of rounds, we decide on this interesting pizza place called Little Caesar’s, which serves pizzas on tier trays, kinda like high tea trays but they have pizzas on them instead. In Singapore, you tell a good food outlet from the size of its queue. Since this place looked to be bustling with a local crowd, we figure it ought to be fairly decent.


After lunch, we walk over to the beach and playground on the other side of the quay.

DH and I buy a couple of scoops of gelato to share all around, and just sit and chill (literally!) while the grandparents watch the kids on the playground.

I’d never have imagined sitting on a beach in winter, digging our feet into the deliciously fine and cool sand and savouring a complex contrast of creamy honeycomb butterscotch and tangy blood orange gelato. 🙂

Bizarre, but very yummy.


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