Kids Say: Where’s the cow?

The night before, DH was teaching DD the Chinese words “上” (English: “on top”) and “桌子” (English: “table”). So at breakfast in the morning…   

DD: Mummy, 牛在哪里? (English: Mummy, where is the cow?)

Without thinking (and obviously without listening properly), I answered…

Me: 牛在桌子上。(English: The cow is on the table.)  *I’d wrongly interpreted and thought she asked, “Where is the cat?”. Yes…yes…I know, 牛 and  (English: cat) sound VASTLY DIFFERENT…boo hoo*

DD: Mummy, I said cow. How can a cow be on the table?

Me: Oh! Um… 牛在… er…(English: The cow is in…) *racks brains for the Chinese word for “field” but comes up empty and gives her a sheepish look*

DD: …

DD: Hmm…I think I’ll ask Daddy when he comes home.

Me: *ARRRRRGGGHH! Self bashing. Epic failure.*

I so need to work harder at this…

And, okay, you can so stop rolling on the floor in laughter now…


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