Wordcraft – T for Tiger

This craft is similar to the J for Jaguar that we did a few weeks back. DH says we should call this our Animal Alphabet and Wordcraft series. Now that is an ambitious undertaking!

You will need the following materials: Artblock sheet, marker, orange and black paints, paintbrush, cotton bud, scissors, glue.

1. On the artblock sheet, draw a tiger face and the letters t i g e r. I’ve made the t with a little curve for the tiger’s front paw, and the r with an extra long stroke to represent the tail. 😉

2. Using a paintbrush, cover the tiger’s face and letters with orange paint. Leave to dry.

3. When the orange paint is dry, dip the cotton bud in the black paint and draw stripes on the letters. Again, leave to dry.

4. When dry, cut out the tiger’s face and letters, and paste onto a new sheet of paper. A dark background would have been wonderfully dramatic, but I had none, so…*shrug*, too bad. 🙂   Add claw details, if you like!

Recommended reading accompaniment:

The Dancing Tiger – written by Malachy Doyle and illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher

There’s a quiet, gentle tiger  In the woods below the hill, And he dances on his tiptoes, When the world is dreaming, still.

A poem about a little girl, her great-grandmother and a mysterious but gentle tiger, centering around the themes of the importance of self-expression, imagination and the special nature of a relationship across generations.


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