Wordcraft: L for Ladybird

You will need the following materials: Artblock sheet, pencil, red and black paints, paintbrush, cotton bud, markers.

1. On the artblock sheet, lightly dot out the letters l a d y b i r d.

2. With the red paint, use the paintbrush to join the dots on the letters to form the word.

3. When dry, dip the cotton bud in the black paint and dot the letters. Remember to dot the dot on the letter i.

4. Leave to dry. When dry, use markers to draw in the antennae, face and legs of the ladybird.

Recommended reading accompaniment:-
What the Ladybird Heard – written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Lydia Monks.

In a lively farm full of baa-ing, moo-ing, barking, neighing and more, the ladybird is the quietest animal, as she says never a word. But it is the quietest of course, who overhears a plot by two thieves to steal the farmer’s prize cow, and leads the other animals in a clever solution to thwart the thieves’ plan.


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  1. Phyllis at All Things Beautiful says :

    Sorry for the trouble. i am not sure why it was undeliverable. Here is another for you to try…
    Thanks so much.
    Phyllis at All Things Beautiful

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