Preschooler Art: Simply Art into Simple Science

This really started out very simply as a drawing of a sun and a rainbow by DD, with a set of new markers she’d received as a birthday gift.

I asked her if she knew how rainbows were formed. We talked about how when sun rays pass through raindrops, we get a rainbow.  And then she drew in the raindrops and cloud to complete the picture. That was kinda fun. 🙂

How rainbows are formed:-

  • During or immediately following a shower of rain, there are thousands of tiny raindrops (water droplets) floating around in the air.
  • When light from the Sun encounters a water droplet, which is spherical in shape, it penetrates the outer boundary of the droplet.
  • As it enters, the light is bent (refracted) and scattered (dispersed) into a continuous band of colors. These colors are then reflected from off the back of the drop again as they pass through the front of the drop once more, thus being bent (refracted) still some more.
  • The angle of bending is different for different wavelengths of light, which explains why the colours of a rainbow always appear in the following order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Red is refracted the least, and violet the most.

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