Kids Say: Read it!

Sometimes we use activity sheets from workbooks when we run out of ideas for educational stuff to do with the kids. So the other day, seeing that DS had completed the activity worksheet given to him, DH got out some Thomas the Tank Engine stickers to reward him for his completed sheet.

Asking him to choose which sticker he would like, he asked DS – “Would you like Thomas or Henry or this red colour one, I don’t know his name?”

DS: It’s not Thomas and Henry.
DH: Yes it is. See, *picking up his toy trains* this blue train is Thomas, and the green one is Henry and the red one…
DS: No, no, no. This blue train is Tomy, and the green train is Tomy, and the red train is also Tomy.
*Flipping the trains and pointing to the text on their underside* See? T  O  M  Y, Tomy.

It doesn't say "Made in China" this time!  It’s absolutely precious.

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