Not Wordcraft: S for Shark

This week, we took a break from Wordcraft.

For the school holiday season, there are cross discounts being offered by Underwater World and the Singapore Science Centre, if you visit the Planet Shark – Predator or Prey exhibition. That is, you can use your tickets from Underwater World to gain a discount for entrance fees to the Science Centre and Planet Shark, and vice versa.

We’d visited Science Centre the weekend before. The Planet Shark exhibition is very engaging. With comprehensive explanatory exhibits and full-scale specimens, there’s a wealth of information and learning for visitors of all ages.  Photography within the exhibition space is not allowed, but you can click on the link above to view pictures from the official site.

There are also sample diving suits on display. You can put your hand in the glove of a real chain mail suit and imagine the weight of a full suit. (And contemplate how although the chain mail will prevent the shark teeth from inflicting an external bleed wound, the diver may still experience internal injury and bleeding from the impact of a shark hit…). Hm.


Since we had a day off from work, we decided to visit the Underwater World to spot sharks that we’d learnt about from the Science Centre visit.

The kids had a lot of fun looking for the different types of smaller sharks in the Shark Pool and the larger sharks in the underwater tunnel, and of course there were lots of opportunities to find the letters S H A R K and spell them to build the word!

Back home, they eagerly worked their way through a Sharks sticker book that we’d bought some time ago, competing to find the stickers that matched the names.

And made their own underwater world scene using a sticker pack we bought for $1.70 at the Underwater World souvenir shop.

It’s not Wordcraft…but if it gets us the same impact, we’re cool. 🙂


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