Kids Say: Of similes and single deck buses

DS lined up all his vehicles in a straight line. DH walked into the room, noticed the vehicle line-up and pouncing on a “teachable” moment, he asked our boy, “Hey son, how many cars are there?”

DS: Two cars.
DH: And how many vans are there?
DS: One.
DH: No…actually there are two. This, *picking up the green VW*, is a van.
DS: Hmm, nope, that’s a single-deck bus.
DH: No, look, there are two surfboards on top of it. Do you know what’s a surfboard?
DD: It’s for people to ride on the waves.
DH: That’s right. So…because surfboards aren’t very long, and they cover the full length of the vehicle, this can’t be a bus. It’s a van.
DS: *picks up the vehicle, turns it over, peers at the underside and remarks * Nope. See here? It says, single. deck. bus.

Actually it says, "Made in China"...

DH: Oh, you are so stubborn!
DD: As stubborn as a donkey?
DH: Why yeah, that’s correct usage of the simile! Who taught you that?
DD: I taught myself.
DH: ………….

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