Archive | May 17, 2011

Wordcraft: L for Love

L before K except after… 😉

I wanted to focus on L for Love this week, since we have been doing Psalm 18:1 as a memory verse with the kids.

You will need the following materials: Pictures of people demonstrating love (these could be anything as it is up to how you want to interpret it with your children), glue, scissors, coloured paper.

1. Go through old magazines, or Sunday School resources to find pictures of people demonstrating love, or words that demonstrate how one can show love – to God, to family, to friends. Cut these out, and cut out the following block letters as well – L, O, V and E .

2. Paste the letters on with glue.

Have your child sort through the pictures and select the ones that strike a chord with him or her to decorate the word LOVE.

As you can see, although there were some pictures where I had two of each, DS and DD picked quite different scenarios, e.g. DD picked doing art and craft as a gift to someone, a big sister hugging her baby brother, and helping with the cooking, whereas DS picked reading a story together, hugs, going to church…

Additional Optional Steps:

  1. You can include some negative examples in the selection pile, i.e. pictures of people not demonstrating love. When the children picked these, we took the opportunity to discuss the scenario, and talk about what constitutes showing love and what does not.
  2. Ask your child to write a memory verse that you have been working on together. (The sheet at the top of the pic is DD’s, below is DS’s).



Lessons Learnt:
At first, I used different colours when cutting out the block letters because I didn’t want to waste some extra scraps of coloured paper. However, I’m not sure if this was a factor in causing some confusion when the kids tried to arrange the letters to form the word LOVE.

They kept getting fixated on the colours needing to follow a pattern and that distracted them from the word-building. So on hindsight, I should have used either altogether different colours for each letter, or the same for all, or alternated the colours. Hm.