…and all is quiet.

Actually, I didn’t even realize it. Not until DH popped his head around the door, grinned and asked me, “Have you noticed? They’re so quiet. Do you know what they’re doing?”


But he’d already cheerfully walked back out to the dining room and settled down to catch up on the day’s newspapers.

So I crept round to the children’s rooms and saw both of them quietly seated at their own desks. Sharing the colour pencils. Somehow they’d found the stash of recycled paper, and had each grabbed a sheet and were now silently hard at work on their own creations. I sneaked a shot with my phone camera. They didn’t even turn around to look at me.

Then I looked back out at DH, bent intently over the papers, obviously relishing the rare moment of quiet. 

And decided, I’d best make the most of it myself.

Ten minutes later, I emerged from my shower, went to their room, and was greeted with broad smiles and promises of surprises for me – their completed drawings.

Ten very surprising and uncharacteristic minutes on a weekday evening. It’s 8:08pm. I still can’t quite get over it.


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