Kids Say: Wooly curly

Remember our kindness chart that we started some weeks ago? 

The kids have been accumulating stars and on Monday night, DH said they were due for their reward. Originally, we’d planned to bring them to a nice ice-cream parlour nearby, but as we drove out from the carpark of our apartment block, DS asked, “Mummy, are we going to get the wooly curly one?”

“What wooly curly one, son?” (Sheep??)  

“Do you know what’s wooly curly?”, I asked DH.

“Mummy, I like the wooly curly ice cream.”

After a few questions back and forth, DH figured it out…

OH! Ikea’s soft serve ice cream! It’s curly-wurly!

So, we took an impromptu detour to Ikea. Turned out to be the best thing ever.

We’d have had to spend at least $3-4 for a single scoop of ice-cream in a standard paper cup at the ice-cream parlour, but instead we’re now here having wooly-curly wafer cone fun at $1.50 each, four times over, at the self-service ice-cream machine.

The name’s so cute it’s stuck fast in our heads. Soft serve ice cream will always be wooly curly ice cream to me, from here on. 😉

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