Archive | May 3, 2011

Tranquility over tyranny

Hi, sorry we haven’t had any Wordcraft posts in the past couple of weeks. 😛

DH and I have been having some really overworked days…
which led to me falling asleep on the couch when putting the kids to bed…
and waking up with a start at 5 am…
to realize that my spectacles frame lost a screw in the middle of the night…
which then led to the left lens falling out and smashing into unsalvageable smithereens on the floor…
which has left me with either the option of wearing my contacts till late and not being able to rest my eyes…
or resting my eyes and not being able to do much beyond light tasks and chatting to DH.

Aside from a really unnecessary and offending bill for $190 to replace the lens ( 😦 ), it’s…not altogether bad, I suppose.

I can’t read.
I can’t write.
I can’t type.
I can’t watch a dvd.
I can’t surf the internet.

But…I realized, I can pray.  Something I hadn’t been doing much of in my hurried hustle.

Although I can’t be as “efficient” as usual, it’s given me no choice but to slow down, relax, be still, and be content.

Doing. absolutely. nothing. But waiting on the Lord.

And maybe, in all the rushing hustle and bustle, that’s sometimes what we, I, need most of all.
To set aside the tyranny of the urgent and embrace the tranquility of the essential.

For it’s in the quietude I hear, the still small voice of God – Loise Pinkerton Fritz