Archive | April 5, 2011

Wordcraft: H for House

Our inspiration for this week’s Wordcraft is another Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler classic, “The Gruffalo”.

In the story, a mouse comes across potential predators such as the fox, owl and snake, who each invite him into their underground house, treetop house and logpile house for “tea”. The mouse outsmarts them all by telling them he is meeting the Gruffalo, a big and frightening creature, for tea instead. When the mouse actually meets a Gruffalo, who also threatens to eat him up, he too finds a way to trick the Gruffalo into believing he is the scariest creature in the forest.

We love the charming story and clever rhyming.  And Axel Scheffler’s humorous illustrations. 🙂  

So we made our own underground, treetop and logpile H O U S E (s) too! This craft is best done, accompanied by a reading of the book, so visit your local library ahead to get a copy. 🙂

You will need the following materials: Blue, green and brown coloured paper, glue, scissors, ice-cream sticks. Optional – marker, crayons, stickers.

1. Cut out some leaves from the green paper. Cut out a small oval shape and a semicircular disc to make the underground house from the brown paper.

2. Originally, I had not planned to decorate the ice-cream sticks but DH suggested drawing wood grain patterns with a marker and colouring the stick with a brown crayon. It was a brilliant idea on his part, and we selected some different shades of brown to create some variation.

3. Paste on the brown semicircular disc for the fox’s underground house.
4. Paste on two ice-cream sticks, and the leaves to make the treetop house. Don’t forget to paste the brown oval.

5. Finally, paste on the logpile house. You can layer your “logs” for a more 3D effect.

6. Have the kids pick out the letters H O U S E and paste them onto the picture.