Archive | April 4, 2011

Deep fried decisions

Last weekend, we made a trip out to Ikea, reorganized wardrobe space, unpacked an Expedit 5×5 shelf’s worth of comics (DH’s!) and sorted through two box loads of document files.

Everyone crashed out for the afternoon till pretty late evening.

So what’s a tired mummy to do when she hasn’t done any meal preparation, and the kids are unwilling to get up?

I tried to rouse the two grouchy kiddos with not much success.

“Sweethearts, time to wake up. Yoo hoo…”

Bleah, if I didn’t have to be up and about to make dinner arrangements, I’d be burying my nose deeper in my pillow too, and we’d all just sit around and eat Rice Krispies and milk for dinner in our tee-shirts and shorts.

Okaaay…maybe not Rice Krispies.  😛


Half reluctantly, I pull out the last-resort card in my deck, and whisper in their ears, “Who wants chips for dinner?”

It was magic. Immediately, two tousled bedheads sat up and grinned broadly at me.

So. Against my regular fastidiousness for “healthy and balanced meals by the pyramid”, we drove out to get fish and chips for dinner.

While DS sang a new song he made up consisting of the lyrics, “Mummy, I like chips.”, and I relished the temporal high of being in the top popularity rankings for the day, textbook mother perched herself firmly on my right shoulder, with a fierce glare and proceeded to nag the unbalanced meal decision. “You’re going to give them, whaaaat? Deep fried processed potatoes AND deep fried frozen-packed fish??! Where are the veggies? Where’s the balance?  Where are your principles?”

Certainly, not one of the most stellar moments of my “purposeful motherhood” career.

But stuff it all, I want to take a break and eat chips too.  

I’ll live out the guilt another day. 😛  😀